Crime and Punishment
The sun is shining so bright outside,
"It's the beautifullest day I've ever seen."
Everybody but me is outside having fun,
but I have to stay in, Mother says I've been mean.

It would serve them right, I bet they'd be sorry,
if I were to get sick and just upped and died.
I bet then they'd believe I was telling the truth,
and big, fat, Dorothy was telling a lie.

She told Mother I got mad for no reason at all,
and pushed her out of the chinaberry tree!
Just how was I to know she wasn't holding on?
Besides she started it by spitting on me.

I wish I hadn't told her about my secret place,
but she crossed her heart she wouldn't tell.
Then, she said she would, and she spit on me,
I pushed her a little, that's when she fell.

I suppose I could tell Dorothy I was sorry.
Then Mother would let me go out and play.
But God and I both would know it wasn't true,
so I guess I'll just read "Little Women" today.
By Charlotte Perry
©2015 Charlotte Perry